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Hi. I’m Jane. I’m a writer, editor and all around wordsmith. I love to write. I write web content, business proposals, marketing plans, press releases, contracts, blog posts, tweets, emails, RFPs, grants, how-to manuals, articles, curriculum, stories and screenplays. I offer professional, accurate, compelling and fresh content to match your current and future requirements.

We both know that the right words create results. You and your organization have a story to tell. There is a revealing story behind every thing you do. Your story sets you apart. When your story is clear, concise, effective and delivered in the most expeditious way, it reaches customers, clients, benefactors, service providers and service recipients compelling them to reach out to you.

You can call me a free-lance writer, consultant or contractor. I’ve been called many things: Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Marketing Manager at Apple, media trainer, teacher, administrator, university professor, weaver, archetype consultant, mother and friend. You can call me what you like, just contact me to learn how I can help you tell your story more effectively and close the deal with new clients and returning customers. Find detailed information about specific services here.

* If you are wondering why CorporateMystic, I’ve worked for large corporations, small businesses, state government, local school systems and universities. I consider myself a bit of a mystic. More on that later.