Often when I awake to the quiet of early morning, thoughts begin to flow through my mind and rumble so loudly that I must catch them before they slip away. My best writing comes at daybreak allowing me to capture the essence before the world intrudes. I seek this creative energy everyday although it doesn’t always seek me.

My stories come from living a life filled with grace, sorrow and joy. Below are some of my stories.

  • Chochiti Grandmother
  • Me and the Boys at the Beach
  • Red Truck
  • Why I Want to Marry Mitch Landrieu
  • Medical Ombudsmanship
  • Is It Coincidence, Synchronicity Or Am I Just Paying Attention.

Coming Soon

  • Confederate Memorials: Musings From A California Liberal Raised In The South
  • My Mother, Myself
  • Why I Cry at Special Olympics
  • Sacred in the Place of Violation
  • Asperger’s Exit Strategy

I’ve worked for numerous tech startup companies. Below are a few corporate documents.